Saturday, December 17, 2011

At 27!!!

I find 27, a very confused age to be in. On one end you are trying to be all mature and grown up, but there is the other part of you which is a total kid and just wanna jump around! By the way I still love watching Tom and Jerry.

At 27, your dad expects you to be a part of all the major decisions taken in the family, take on a few responsibilities and shoulder some burden. But still he will not allow you to decide which route to take home while driving the car!

At 27, you are likely to have few years of work experience. You are striving hard and trying your best to match your salary packages with that of your counter parts in the so called big MNCs. In case you already are in a good post you are wondering how to raise the bar and get out of the comfort zone! Then there are the creatures who have done their masters abroad.. Looking at their facebook pictures, you will for sure think 'May be I should have done my masters too!’

At 27, almost all of your male friends seem to be working hard and partying harder, on exotic locations for vacation. Most of them are on their onsite opportunities to US, UK, Germany or at least somewhere in Asia. Somehow there are a few of us who didn’t go anywhere!

At 27, Most of your female friends are married and most of them are likely pregnant or already with kids. All they can talk about are diamonds and wonder why you are still not married! Many of them give you the sympathetic gestures 'oh poor you! why aren’t you able to get things moving on in your life!' Well life is just not about marriage!

At 27, you avoid going to any family get together or family functions. If you are not already married you wanna avoid the constant stares and provocative questions as to why you are not married, the case aint good if you are married either, for sure all the aunts wanna know as to when you will give them good news! sheesh.. you are just recovering from one major responsibility you have taken up!

At 27, you are trying to hit the gym regularly. But still you can never reduce beyond a few grams.. Sure your food consumption has reduced from your college days but wonder why you can’t burn the few calories you are consuming.. Anyhow a small pot belly only indicates that you are a hard working software engineer! lol

At 27, you wanna revive a few of the old hobbies you had like music, guitar, dance or anything you loved during your college days. You certainly wished that it was just more than a hobby. You try and get back to your classes after making a lot of adjustments in your day to day activities so that it can make you feel a lil better about yourself. For sure there is life beyond code!

At 27, what I learnt is No matter what your age is, it is important that we stay young at heart. Laugh a lot, read a book, go for long walks, work happily/willingly, hang out often with your friends, have an occasional beer, drive away with your loved one, give your mom a tight hug, tell your dad that you love him and you are there for him! With a good attitude towards life Age is just a number!!!


Sukla Chinnappa said...

I have a reply on my blog :-)

roopashree said...

i loved it...but the thing about ur female best frnd... hmmm!! :)

music=life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Superrrrrrrr :) liked itttttttttt :) what super points and all :) sakkath thingingu and sakkath yochne maadifying a?:) super:) proud of u:) T n F :)

La vida Loca said...

works for all ages.

Savour said...

at 27, you also look back once and think what if i had not done engineering for the heck of it but went against parents and pursued the course i would have been so different

at 27, you also think all the notorious things you did while in college, little bit of flirting, bunking classes, tit bits were sooo worth it!!

Sukla Chinnappa said...

Congrats on d new Job :-)